Thursday, 22 September 2011

You must spend a day at Borough Market

You must spend a day at Borough Market! It' amazing ..

One of the things I love the most about France I spending a morning at the market. .. and I think I’ve found a much most cost effective solution than a trip abroard at Borough market. Just over ten years ago it was brought back to life and I can tell you that it has become a haven for anybody who is a foodie.

I was amazed to find such a range of food It is an exceptional source of British and international produce and would rival a French market any day of the week.  As it is it’s open Thursday Friday and Saturday I’d recommend going on a Thursday as I can imagine it would be very crowded on a Saturday. The food prices were comparable to my local farmers market in Northamptonshire .. so I took a trolley and my weekly food money and stocked up on cheese, cured ham, sourdough bread, figs, mushrooms and chocolate.

It’s vibrant, busy, innovative and full of the most amazing people who are totally passionate about what they do.

Most of the stallholders I spoke to are the producers – these are the people who grow, rear or cook the food that they sell. There are importers but they seemed to have an intimate knowledge of their products and were equally as interesting to talk to.  There is superb street food and the area is very clean and tidy with places to sit and eat. It’s a place to spend the day, to explore and chat and eat your way around over 130 different stalls.  It has one of the most vibrant feels of any market I’ve ever been to  .. so if you’d like a delicious day out and can use your housekeeping money to buy your food for the week then this is an absolute winner for any Goddess on a budget!



  1. I want to go right now!!!!

  2. I have markets galore on my doorstep in France but I DO love Borough Market and will be there in October and November when I am back home ~ great photos and post.

  3. I loved it when I lived in London for a couple of years. But now I'm back in France I don't often think about it (wonder why!). Thanks for the memories.

  4. I went a cople of years ago, and yearn to go back, don't often go to London, but this got me thinking...

  5. You're absolutely right, I love it there - planning to treat myself to a trip next week as I haven't been for ages!

  6. I like Borough, I often go there for breakfast before work. When you are next down, try Malby Street which is a breakaway from Borough, based nearby! Take care, Charlotte @gofreecakes x

  7. Visiting Borough Market is one of those things that I have tucked behind my ear for "when I'm well enough, I'll ...". Blog posts like this are good motivation! :)

  8. ITs a great place. HAve you been round the corner to Maltby Street?


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