Monday, 26 September 2011

Plum Brandy

I'm just using the last of the plums. I hate to admit that they are almost at an end .. so to capture that last delicious sweetness for the coming winter I make plum brandy.  There are lots of recipes you can make with this lovely liquor in my book Prepped including Brandy Butter and mince pies in fused in Plum brandy.
The deep sweet plumminess of them infuses into the brandy, leaving sweetened liquor swirling with a dark pink plumy hue of Autumn in a glass.  . and yes I’m planning Christmas.  This plum brandy is so versatile. It makes a unique gift and is the base for a superb cocktail and I use it in my mincemeat (I  always enjoy a  tipple whilst I’m stirring the pan! )
1kg of Plums
750g of sugar
1litre of Brandy
Wash and dry the plums. Pop them into a 2 liter Kilner type jar, with a lid that seals.  Pour in the Brandy and then add the sugar.  Gently shake the jar  and pop it somewhere visible.  For the next week or so shake the jar each day until the sugar is dissolved, then pop it away in a cupboard for at least 2 months.  I generally decant mine after 6 – 8 months, however if you leave it longer the plums can sometimes breakdown any you get bits floating in the brandy. Simply use a clean piece of muslin to filter these out – they are not harmful  - just not pretty!


  1. Beautiful! I am still waiting for your book, Amazon are usually good but it is late......I have just made damson and pear brandy.....I LOVE the look of this though Vanessa!
    Karen @ Lavender and Lovage

  2. Looks delicious - and that colour would be just perfect for Christmas (am I allowed to use the C word yet??!!!)

  3. What can I say but wow! Love the colour and I bet it tastes scrummilicious.


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