Thursday, 8 September 2011

I just love my Beg Bicycle

If there is one thing I love it's getting out on my bike. If I am honest I don't get out nearly enough. Each time I get back fresh faced and full of the free feeling I have right now....  and the wind has blown out all thoughts of the things I worry about.  I've just been out and about and picked up a Hydrangea from my neighbour. After hearing the radio show on Sunday she offered me one that she had no space for in the garden. .. she will be getting  a cake from me later in the week !

As I cycled along I though I ought to make this week's I love post about my Beg Bicycle. My bike is the Betty model and with an integrated front porter's rack  it’s just so practical for shopping either a the local farmers market of at my grocers.   It can only be described a jaunty, super-comfortable upright ride. 
For me the Betty has everything a bicycle could want - a hand-built lugged and brazed frame, 3-speed hub gears and roller brakes  ... so I can stop to chat to my friends as I spot them in the village!  It also has an integrated hub dynamo with a stunning retro chrome headlamp not to mention all the finishing touches... a gorgeous Brooks tan leather saddle, built-in AXA defender wheel and frame lock and the essential fully enclosed chain guard.


Based just over the border in Cambridge these beautiful bikes really are just perfect for popping out to the shops on.  They are stylish and sturdy, timeless, classic, vintage and believe me they are a dream to ride.. and come with some seriously lovely accessories,, blanket, bag, basket and satchel

I know that they are an expensive item, but I justified mine in so many ways.  It's great for the environment, saves fuel, gets's my heart going, so I will live longer  and in the winter months, especially, I get quite down if I don't get outside during the day and cycling gives me a lift.

People always stop and chat to you if you are out with this bike .. and smile as you ride along!  So I shall have this bike for life..  looking at the fact that I intend on cycling well in to my 70's I happily invested in this my Betty! So go on .. stick one on your must have list ..... you know you want one too!


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  1. I LOVE it! If only I could ride a bike, but I have no balance! LOL!


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