Friday, 28 October 2011

I love Dan Lepard's Short and Sweet

A few weeks ago I attended Dan Lepard's Sourdough making course and Dan was just bursting with pride with his fabulous new book  Short and Sweet . Well I have to tell you that it really is one the best baking books ever..  The book itself is designed with the cook in mind.  Clear type, easy straight forward instructions, and it sits open flat so the page stays on the recipe you are making!

Then there of course there are the delicious recipes, and they are not just cakes ( .. although there are plenty.)  There are bakes, cakes, sweets, bread, muffins, and some of the most utterly gorgeous recipes ever. 

Dan's recipes are easy to follow, and always turn out exactly as they should. So if you are buying a baking book this year  I can't reccomend Short and Sweet
highly enough. 











  1. Just watched your video review of Dan Lepard's book and thought you did an amazing job! I know it's not an easy thing to do, I keep trying to make vids for Britmums & failing to produce anything decent so Congrats to you!

  2. Sold, its going straight on my Chistmas List. Just hope I can find it down here in Melbourne. Love your work!

  3. You're so tempting me into another baking book!

  4. Can't wait till my prize book arrives, everyone is talking about this book.

  5. The Wish List on my Amazon account continues to grow and grow - now another one to add to it, I just wonder where I'm going to put all these books, the shelves are all full to overflowing and I now have a growing pile next to the computer!


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