Wednesday, 12 October 2011

What to do with all these quince ?

I've spent the morning with a friend Yvonne and her husband.  Each year then invite me over to pick the quince from their tree.  Each year I make Quince jelly.  Oh it's heavenly  .. but this year I have been given such allot that I'd like to try a few other things .

When I looked up quince on Wikipedia It amused me to read that Ancient Greek poets (Ibycus, Aristophanes, e.g.) use quinces (kydonia) as a mildly ribald term for teenage breasts!

Related to apples and pears I read in an article recently that quince trees originated in the Caucasus and that they are part of the rose family.  Certaily on the ancient world this was the fruit that represented  love, marriage and fertility and it was suggested that it was a quince .. not an apple in the story of Adam and Eve. 

The article went on to say that In 1275, Edward I planted four of the first ever quinces in England, paying sixpence for each one, and planted them in the grounds of the Tower of London. They must have been an exotic site in comparison to our apples and pears!

The white flesh is grainy sour, and hard, and it is only in cooking that they are transformed into tender fragrant rosy sweetness. .. So what to do with all these quince? 

Please do tell me your suggestions and I will set to .. for I know from experience that they do not keep well. 

Stuart suggests making Quinces-Roasted in Pineau des Charentes
Pippa suggested this fabulous Quince Tarte Tatin
The lovely Karen has suggested Quince Jelly and Quince and Wild Plum Sauce and Baked quince compote with Vanilla  oh and this one from All that I am eating for Quince and Apple Pie


  1. Quince Fruit Leather?

    Quince & Chilli Jam?

    But I'd brew it into Quince Wine - it'll just be ready in time for Christmas next year! x

  2. I sent a few more ideas too Vanessa, such as Quince and Ginger Marmalade and Elizabethan Quince Cheese well as quince and pear pie too.....I forget now! LOL!

  3. I have found a recipe for Slow-cooked lamb with quinces. I had something similar in Turkey many years ago and it was superb. I didn't manage to get the recipe then but I would think the recipe I found in the cookery book Turquoise must come close. Let me know if you want the recipe - it will only use 3 of your quinces though (this recipe serves 4).

  4. It's nice added to an apple pie. Quince cheese is lovely as well, not made this for many years as I don't now have a quince in the garden. lol xx


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