Friday, 21 January 2011

Over Ambitious Chocolate

As the recipes have come back to be edited one set turned out to be just too much. It was the Chocolate truffles which turn into the chocolate Gelato and the left overs I added orange zest to and poured into little chocolate pots. 

A triple cook linked recipe was just too complicated.

So the recipes have been re assigned. 

The first to will be Chocolate truffles. 
I leave ½ the mixture in the bowl and go on to make the ice-cream.  Two dishes for one.  No extra washing up and just throw in egg yolks and cream.  Simple!  

The second double cook will be orange and chocolate pots and the second part to the recipes will be the ganache for the chili chocolate cake / more truffles/ the inside of the Chili chocolate cake or all used for the inside of the raspberry chocolate cake. 

Oh there’s going to be some serious chocolate testing going on next week, between finishing the testing and the editing.  Well there has to be some comfort !


  1. I'm always happy to help, whatever you need, just let me know.
    Hope your stress levels aren't too high.
    Liz x


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