Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Testers Required

I'm on the last run as it were. The book has been edited by my fantastic editor Jamie Ambrose and now I have to finish correcting and editing myself! It's a really hard job. My recipes have come back to me with the equivalent of RED biro across each one. Some more some less .. with comments. Oven temperature ? Explain more! Describe this. and so on. I won't bore you with any more details .. suffice to say it's tedious. Very tedious.

Now I've complained enough. The process is so necessary and even the simplest recipe needs a run through. Can you imagine if a recipe has an ingredient forgotten, or a poor instruction. It doesn't bear thinking about. There are a few more recipes that need testing and the deadline is looming, so I am asking you for help. If you have a FOOD BLOG and are willing to test and blog about one of the recipes below please email me.

You will get to join the testing team. I can link back to your Blog and I will thank you personally at the book launch on 2nd June, and give you a book as a thank you .. PLUS you will meet all the other Bloggers and Tweeters ..and thejournalists it will be fun!


PS recipes will be allocated on a first come first serve.. so don't hang about send you email to

· Blondies taken By Rebecca From I wanna be a domestic Goddess

· Rice Pudding taken By Jen From

Eccles Cakes taken by Jo Dyson of joskitchen

· Lemon Pork Risotto - Taken ! by Julia at awannabefoodie

· Lemon, Anchovy and Parmesan Quiche taken by Chiara Pannozzo of Erucola

· Chicken Rice Salad & lemon Salad Dressing - Taken by Alethea @ Mom on a wire

· Lavender Shortbread taken by Christine Chan of the bountiful plate

· Savoury Chocolate Biscuit (to go with cheese ) taken By Monika

· Chocolate trufffles & Chocolate Ice-cream taken By Helen

· Plum Crumble & Granola Lorne Gray From Graze and Guzzle

· Chocolate Meringue Sandwich Cake Taken by @bakersbunny

· Lemon and polents savory Muffin taken by FLEUR my sister !

· Chocolate and Orange Pot taken by Jeanne Horak from

· Vanilla, Mango and Chili Pork Taken By Ross Boyce from Itinerant Appetite

· Duck and Plum Noodles and Chinese Canapes Taken by Katie from Feeding Boys

· Lemon and Asparagus Couscous Salad Jayne from Jaynerly

Vanilla, Cardamon & Chocolate Biscotti taken by Lyn at Bakelady

Cardamon and Basil Ice-cream taken by Danielle edinburgh foody.

Caraway Crackers Taken By Audrey Deane.

Cardamom & Chocolate Truffles Taken by Jamie SCHLER DAGNEAUX from Lifesafeast


  1. Oh my! People move fast don't they! Looks like I'm too late but if you need anyone else let me know!

  2. Oh no, I'm far too late. What a shame. Please let me know if you want anyone else to test the recipes for you.


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