Monday, 10 January 2011

The Spon give away

Writing and styling a recipe book brings you into contact with amazing people and products … and no I haven’t made a spelling mistake. I came across this through a blog post on English mum’s blog as Catherine Phipps from the Guardian WOM predicts that everyone will be replacing their wooden spoons with these - Indeed this is genius. Set to revolutionize our most use kitchen implement - it’s made from beech wood and it is a wooden spoon with two backs. The mixture doesn’t get caught in the curve and the robust practical nature of this means you can really beat the mix with confidence. It’s been invented by the world porridge making champion Neal Robertson and I can tell you that he knows a thing or two about stirring!

I spoke to Neal earlier in the week about me using a spon in one of the photo’s for Prepped and he’s kindly sent me a set to give away .. so .. if you’d like to enter simply tell me in the comments box below what you’d make using this spon and I’ll pick a winner on Friday 14th and send it straight over to you!




  1. I would make cookies!!! To start with...... :-)

  2. I'd make, of course, a Vanessa Kimbell Caraway and Raisin Soda Bread ;-)


  3. GENIUS!! Why didn't I think of that?

    I'd make pikelets. It's our morning tea staple and the kids love them. I do too, but I pretend to make them purely for the children.

    Thanks for running this comp - great idea! x

  4. I'd make Kosovan cornbread (lecenik) - it's already a lo-washing-up meal as it (cornmeal, eggs, yoghurt, oil, cheese, spinach or nettles if you like) is mixed in the round baking tray you serve it in. Normally it's just the gunky spoon to be washed, and I can see that a spon wouldn't catch the mixture in the same way. It's a strangely stunted, strangely beautiful thing :-)

  5. MUFFINS !!!!
    It's all about the muffins in my house, chocolate, cherry, orange, caramel - you name it the kids (and hubby) will devour it.

    mrsjenks (twitter)

  6. What a clever idea!

    I'm planning a batch of fudge in the near future and this would come in very handy!

    Would also be great for a happy/sad wooden spon man :-D!

  7. Fab invention. I'd use it to cream butter and sugar for an old-fashioned recipe for shortbread, made with organic brown semolina from Redbournbury Watermill. If I can't use my Kitchenaid, I would love to use the Spon!

  8. I love the spon! I think it would be a fantastic tool to help with making my pea and pancetta risotto!

  9. I'd make a big gooey chocolate fudge cake for my boys to get stuck into .... and I'd even let them lick the spon !!!! :)

  10. As a diabetic I suspect that I'm one of the few who isn't going to make a gorgeous dessert. I would use it to make one of my sons favourite soups. He's only two but the sweetness of the cherry tomato with balsamic swirl means he polishes of all of his portion and usually begs for some of mine too! But now the tomato season is over I guess I'd make carrot and parsnip - a fab winter warmer again with sweet undertones!


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