Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Shopping in the Food Hall in Selfridges

Wordless Wednesday  - and to be fair I have no time to types .. Editing editing editing!

However in the past 48 Hours I have been in 2 of the worlds top food Hallsand felt I had to share a few images, after popping in the the book department I headed straight the food hall.  My credit card is still smoking !

I know .. no words .. but just wanted to say how lovely to see Dan Lepard's book on the counter!


  1. Please to see me in your blog :) Hope your camembert was excellent

  2. If I lived a little closer I'd love to have a photography lesson from you ! Thanks for the tips Erik - you have a VERY cool site and such a great eye.

  3. The Chineseman with cheese in his back is very lovely :-)

  4. Is it sad that one of my favourite places in London is the Food Hall at Selfridges? I must take everyone that visits London there, as well as Burough Market and the Harrods Food Hall. Oh, and Fortnum & Mason. Love them all! And yes, I'll need you to give me some photography tips in June!


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