Saturday, 15 May 2010

Test Cricket

According to Wikipedia, Test cricket is generally considered the ultimate test of playing ability and endurance in the sport.
I suppose testing a recipe first thing on a Saturday morning, with three children and a husband to breakfast and get out in time for Cricket could be considered the ultimate test of my recipe and endurance too – So a fitting blog title for my 100mph Batter cake.

Did it work? Well yes and no. The 100mph bit did work. I literally threw it together.

The main problem was the reduction of 14 plums, bought especially, to just 2 overnight. It’s difficult to get cross when I have an open fruit bowl policy in the house, and the culprits are no doubt evenly distributed. So I had to add in emergency rhubarb. This mix worked.

Arriving early in the morning with homemade cake inevitably elicits an oooh or an ahh which makes me feel like a fraud. Each time these appreciative noises are cast my way I have to explain that it is not actually impressive to throw a bunch of ingredients in a bowl, wiz then bake. Believe me this is not simply your classic British modest self depreciating response. It really is that straightforward.

I was warmly greeted this morning with expectant enthusiasm from two non breakfasted chaps. It’s just the sort of motivation I need. I am unable to resist feeding hungry people. Well not just hungry people.. anyone willing to eat really. I realise that I get as much pleasure from watching someone enjoy food as I do cooking it. Good job really... the alternative image of a mardy cook unwilling to share the grub is somewhat worrying.

So the batter cake needs retesting.

I wonder if the cricketers would mind eating some more next week?

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  1. i just got to eat lunch at Vanessa's House - Vanessa - I can't wait until you get a book published .. I am going to try and make the Roast Salad again. It was delicious, healthy, tastes amazing and so easy to make! I think I am going to be your number one fan! Also have to say .. what a fab garden. Your plants look good .... and taste good too. So now I have been inspired to go to the garden centre too to buy loveage, and peas and cook as well as garden .. my husband will send me over all the time now!


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