Saturday, 8 May 2010

Breakfast Muffin and Cricket

I’ve been working with Rhubarb. With the Cricket season in my two eldest are cricket mad. My son especially .. I almost have to prize the ball out of his hands even whilst asleep. The Cricket Club the children attend is just exceptionally good, and with a wide selection of Breakfast deprived parents staying to watch I have a captive audience to try out a breakfast muffin.
I threw together a batch of what was initially going to be just a Rhubarb Muffin .. to find that I have slaughtered my poor plants. There was no time to dash to the allotment .. so I picked the only stem that was anywhere near ready to be used and threw in a pear to make up the shortfall.
Now I do have a sweet tooth .. so to me the muffins lacked in sweetness... but to every one I asked it was deemed sweet enough.. too much sugar it the morning is not great.

I have put together the finishing touches in just minutes for this afternoons cake and whilst having time to grab a cup of tea and Blog . My husband has come into the kitchen and taken a picture .. which I shall share. .. I shall post tomorrow regarding the cake with cardamom .. I am fretting now .. I think it may be too sweet... we shall see!

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