Thursday, 6 May 2010

One Year to Write a Recipe Book

It is Thursday 6th of May 2010 and yesterday I decided to stop work and write a recipe book.

Why?  Well I suppose that I just feel that there must be more to life. It's a huge financial decision and my husband and I have talked through the cost of doing this. This is going to be the biggest gamble I've ever taken and I wonder where I will end up?

So this is the very start of my adventure. I have butterflies and twizzles beading around my tummy. I have no idea what the future holds .. and what the inevitable ups and downs will be of taking this idea and turning it into reality.

Actually I have no idea where to start. I bought a book about writing a recipe book that and read that blogging will improve my chances of getting published. So I googled the word blog, found this here Blogger site and here I am. Am I improving my chances of getting published?

Is it working ?

What made me decide to to write a recipe book ?
Well the thought process started as I was watching Sophie Dahl.. or rather standing up and shouting, whilst pointing at the television much to everyones surprise in the room - she totally maddened me with her terrible kitchen skills. I told my friend Gill, who then said hoiw strange I should be maddened by her as she found me rather like Sophie. Well that stopped me dead in my tracks! - Fortunately she went on to explain that her comparison was due mainly to the fact that I am so bubbly - and that is true. I could see her point then.

Yes Sophie's style is cute, some of her recipes are lovely and she clearly has an army of helpers, however, I know am far better cook than she is. ( Having trained and worked as a chef from age 18 - 24.) So if she can do it then certainly so can I. Also I have the added benefit of understanding real life. I have three children under seven. No assistants. no photographer, no cleaner and my fan on the oven is broken .. so I ran the idea past my sister, Fleur. Her main reservation is that I am far too much like Nigella. She suggested that I dumb it down a little. Yes yes I can see that .. yo yo recipes in the hood darling.

According to what I have read so far I have to find a publisher, an agent, develop recipes, test them, write recipes, and then become well know enough for people to want to find out more and buy the book

I have to come up with original dishes. Trust me this is going to be fun and frustrating. I have a photographer Tony coming to take photos of the first five recipes on Tuesday, he is coming along as a favor.

I'd be lying if I said I wasn't nervous. I am giving up a whopping salary in something I am really good at, but since the very first moment I decided to do this it felt right. I know this is going to be a success. I can feel it. I can change my world. 

However a dash of this a splash of that, thrown in a chug and ounce and a couple of grams, is not going to work here. It’s about precision. .. not my forte. I am creative. An artist in the kitchen. It’s instinct. How do you write down the instinct?

I know that in reality I am actually writing this to myself right now .. but if anyone else is reading this .. I will keep posting. 

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  1. Will Prepped be available internationally (like the US)? I would love to get a copy...but I am across the pond at present.


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