Saturday, 8 May 2010

Too Much Cardamon makes a girl sad...

I shouldn’t be disappointed. But I am. The cardamom in the cake knocked out the Rhubarb. Yes yes.. there were plenty of compliments and even a helping of seconds but the trio combination was cardamom heavy. The cake should have been lighter and it was a mistake to add cardamom into the chocolate topping .. I guess I got carried away. Don’t get me wrong .. it wasn’t disgusting .. it just didn’t have the balance I was hoping for back to the cooker to do another one.

I am thinking as I am writing. I really need to get some testing sheets written and tasting sheets. If they are anonymous then tasting sheets I think will give me a better response..people are just too polite to say .. Yeah you are right it’s not great. As I am asking of the cardamom is too much then it is something which may have been fine until I asked.

So I shall be up later starting on the tasting sheets and a standard testing sheet for the recipe testing.

Also I have bought a book on how to write recipes called the recipe writers hand book by Barbara Gibbs Ostmann. I have only just flicked through it so I am looking forward to reading it later .. perhaps in the bath. I wasn’t initially taken with what I read .. it looks tedious.
The Allotment is just 50 yards from where the Birthday party was held so I dashed up and picked more Rhubarb. My 6 year old son very kindly took a photo ..well actually he took several pictures and most were of my nostrils .. so I put him on a chair and bent down to show off my posy of stems.

The geraniums as decoration looked lovely.. I will use that idea again with the photo shoot on Tuesday

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  1. Hi Vanessa
    Lovely speaking with you earlier. Love the Blog! And can I have the recipe for this rhubarb and cardamon cake please, I've LOADS of the stuff!
    Best of luck and keep in touch
    David x


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