Thursday, 13 May 2010

Shoot now, Eat later

Tidy clean, tidy clean, cook cook cook. Getting the opportunity to write anything this week so far has escaped me. Although the photo shoot went really well on Tuesday, the preparation and the clearing up afterwards was significant. I acknowledge my husband publicly at this point for his help. As I promised to honour and obey in my wedding vows, I recall he promised to wash up and skivvy.. no really .. I am sure he did.

It’s been about five years since I last did any photography with a very talented and artistic chap called Tony Hardacre; I find him as dynamic and responsive as ever. Thank goodness... because when he arrived to see the piles and piles of food ready waiting to be shoot he looked a little apprehensive. This look turned into a brief moment of fright as I presented a list of 14 different recipes that I wanted to get done in just over 2 hours. I was convinced for a moment that he was going to grab his camera and make for the door at speed. Luckily the instinct to eat is great, even in alarmed photographers ... it must have been the delicious smell of roasting chicken, fresh baked bread and quiche that persuaded him to stay and we got to straight to it.

If you could do a photo shoot at 100 miles an hour this was it. I am tickled pink with the results, and even Tony admitted that despite the initial shock at the speed of the whole process there is some serious “life” in the pictures. I am a firm believer that controlled pressure hones your instincts and the focus results in spectacular work in life, and in the kitchen. This certainly was the case with these shots. Thank you Tony.

I shall put some up with each new post as tasters .. but sadly I will have to stay diciplined and save my favourites for the book ... ahhh the anticipation.....

Tony’s website

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