Thursday, 16 September 2010

The filming that didn't work out

Never ever must this film get out.  I'm not naked.. but if there was ever a film that would ruin me .. this would be it.  I got chocolate on my arm. I got beetroot on my elbow.  My makeup gave up and I was shiny.  There was a high definition fly buzzing into the picture.  The light from the windows blinded behind me.  My hair got in my face, I moved about too much.  I forgot what I was talking about; I forgot to smile.  There was food split.  There was mess in the background from an earlier shot.  Andy, my film man .. is a genius.  We've deconstructed the film and come up with some positive changes.  Our second attempt to do this will be in 3 weeks time.  I the mean time you can hear us .. or rather me laughing at how awful you can look on film.  Or rather How awful I was on this first film .. we can do better  - Hats off to the professionals This is hard. 

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