Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Vanilla and Mango Pork & Social Networking

Today. The day is over and I am sitting at my desk with an unimaginable amount of new information to digest. Christian, otherwise known as Documentally came for lunch and to brief me on social networking.

Hold up. I feel the need to start by saying that I was up at 5:30am and rewrote 2 recipes. Packed lunch for Al, children were carted to school and nursery, and I fitted a trip to the local butcher to buy pork.

Today's recipe was Vanilla, Mango & Chili Pork. This recipe was multitasking as a recipe for the book. It is also for this week'sChronicle and Echo column and it was lunch.

The making of it was part of my introduction to Audioboo, and the subject of @Documentally filming me making it. our live example of social networking. There's nothing like a bit of pressure to hone your culinary wizardry. The truth is I've known for weeks how I want it to taste.. it just took me 3 goes to get there. Thankfully this was the final version. the pork caramalised, the mango sweetened, the vanilla placed itself in the mid tones and the finish was the chili hit. It was all bound together with a generous dollop of cream. It sat beautifully on a bed of cardamom rice, and the leftovers? They are Al's packed lunch for tomorrow - if I don't raid the fridge before midnight that is. Kirsty, one of the chronicles photographers popped over and took some shots.

I tweeted, blogged, audiobooed and learned how to use my iphone to get the to teh poeople that want to hear about this kind of food and ultimately get the book out there. We decided that we are going to have a Geeks Lunch ( I am told this is a complimentary term - I assure you !) So in a week or two I shall host a geeks lunch for the best local twitterers who want to come and eat. It just won't have to be finger food! There will be just 6 places I am going to have to come up with a criteria for people to win a place a the table. In the mean time .. do have a listen to the audio below. I had lots of fun and it had over 200 hits this afternoon already.

Tomorrow I shall write up the recipe, cook chili and chocolate cakes and pumpkin pie and soup for the John Griff show on Friday just after 2pm .. tune in .. it's bound to be fun and I might sneak and extra bit of chili in John's cake.... it is live after all.

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