Friday, 17 September 2010

It was all about the Men today

Adam Gray, John Griff and Alastair Kimbell.

Since starting to write this book I have turned down almost every social event. I have gone to ground, as a friend said to me yesterday. Today however, there were three reasons I could not turn down the invitation.

It was a charity event for MacMillan, Northamptonshire. Only yesterday I lost someone close to cancer. No. Actually they were not lost - they were stolen.

The second reason was that Adam Gray was doing the cookery demonstration. I could dedicate the whole blog to talking about Adam, but I won’t because he has agreed to test a couple of my recipe. So I will come back to him. However I would like to say that despite being under tremendous pressure and in the middle of a cookery demonstration day he was incredibly gracious as I asked him for a comment on Audioboo, and if he would give me a strap line for the book. You can listen below. On Tuesday next week we are going to eat in his restaurant - The Red Lion in East Haddon. I am so excited about the fact that he has purchase a local pub I can’t wait to go. If the food demo was anything to go by - it’s going to be seriously good.

He has said it is his intention to bring a Michelin star to the county. That will be tremendous hard work. I will be interested to see how his front of house keeps up with the kitchen …. but I don’t doubt he will do it. You only have to be with him for a few minutes to feel his sparks of inspiration, motivation and energy radiating from him. This man will succeed, of that I have no doubt.

The third reason to go, was that a friend Fi, and her team on the Northamptonshire MacMillan committee put an extraordinary amount of hard work in the organise the event. It was a delicious, fun, and social day, and they pulled off one of the most enjoyable events I have been to in as long as I can remember. Well done .. it was fabulous!

I would have loved to have stayed longer. There were some incredibly interesting people there, including Duncan from Farringtons Mellow Yellow Rape Seed Oil, and Polly Wilson, from Rutting Reds Venison. The Venison looked so good that I have asked if I can use some in one of the recipes for the book. this space as I shall pop over to see her and the herd later next month

I had to dash. It was my other man . John Griff and we had a radio date. Click here to listen. I made my way across town at a snails pace. I did think at one point that I wasn’t going to make it. The traffic was just horrendous. I arrived out of breath with a basket of food in the nick of time. I always love talking with John. He’s brilliant, has so much charisma and verve for life in Northamptonshire. I recommend tuning in .. he’s on 2pm weekdays on BBC Radio Northampton.

It’s been a long day. I have come home to my husband whom I have to thank. He has put up with weeks of me writing well into the night, getting up early to cook – 5:30am this morning – and has provided me with all the equipment, computers, software and help I need. to write this book. He’s my everything

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  1. Yes, you have rather gone to ground. And that is why we are so privileged that you are cooking for us tonight! looking forward to a good catch up! xxx


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