Friday, 10 September 2010

The reality of writing a recipe book …

Writing about cooking and eating with friend’s stops when you start writing about it. Believe me.

In fact the whole of life as I knew it and the reality of what is being written about ..has not recently not played out. Time to get a moment to stop to share and enjoy it.

So this morning I got up ten minutes early threw clean jam jars in the oven, boiled the damson jelly I made yesterday up and poured it into the jars. I threw, in just 2 minutes flat, a caraway and raisin soda bread into the oven and did the school run.

On return I walked into to a house filled with the smell of fresh baking and ran around the kitchen tidy tidy tidying. A quick coffee, fresh soda bread and warm damson jelly for breakfast with some chat and gossip with the girls.

Now I remember why I love cooking so much.

I love eating. With friends.

Now I must get back to writing about it - for real.

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