Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Lunch in Bobby's Restaurant, Leicester

There is a restaurant in Leicester called Bobby’s. Today I went there to learn how to make real Barfi as they make the most incredible Indian sweets but I shall blog about that tomorrow. For now I’d like to share my lunch. A review if you like! Bobby’s has been in the same family since 1976 and with good reason. It makes the most amazing and utterly delicious vegetarian food to cater for the large population demanding authentic food from India.

The food is mainly from Gujarat in Western India and Indo China has made it on to the menu too. But today I went for the buffet option and a sweet lassie to drink. At just £6.99 for the buffet it’s brilliant value. There is Rice, japatti bread, Dahl, potato curry, bean curry, chutney, and several other delicious breads and cakes I just can’t pronounce .. but they are delicious! Don’t expect to hang out in a plush sumptuous maharaja palace though.. Bobby’s is all about the food, and believe me it really is such a seriously fabulous combination of spices, vegetables and bread that you don’t need fancy fittings and fixtures. You will be fixated on your dishes.

Frequented by locals, chattering, smiling greeting each other in a wonderful community way, it’s always lively and welcoming. . It’s clean. It’s consistent. It’s inexpensive and I suppose it really says something when you’ve been eating in a place for over 25 years and it is still just as fantastic as the first time. So for me there is no better restaurant in Leicester.. so please pop in .. ask about what to eat if you are unsure and enjoy a real Indian feast.



  1. Those dishes look gorgeous, I'd be happy just with a dessert platter!

    Will definitely keep Bobby's in mind when next we're in that part of town!

  2. Looks amazing. What's the third picture of? The ones after the sweet display. Can't work it out.


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