Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Time off from cooking!

It's the first opportunity I have had for some down time! I haven't actually had a day off work since I stopped work to write Prepped! Some of my twitter friends may recall that I went to my friend Gill's house last night to make a Christmas wreath. .. she's the most amazing florist and oversaw me making this.. . it really does declare Christmas for me when I hang it. It's official .. it's just 10 sleeps until Christmas .. and I am soooo enjoying a break to do Christmas the old fashioned way !


  1. Well done, it's absolutely gorgeous!

  2. Vanessa, you are so talented! Amazing wreath, I love it. Enjoy every moment of Christmas, you deserve a very large glass of fizz! I really look forward to meeting you in the New Year, you're a true inspiration. Merry Christmas, Ren xxx

  3. Wow, I love the combination of eucalyptus and the ivory roses - stunning! It's also brilliant that your daughter is learning lots of ICT skills, her teachers will be impressed! xxx


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