Monday, 6 December 2010

Prepped in Waitrose

Okay - I will admit the title is a little premature, but whilst I was out shopping today I just couldn't resist having a peek to see how it will look. How did it sit next to the other books? So I lay over the top of Jamie Oliver (sorry Joules!) and drew a crowd ! The general consensus was that it really holds it's own. It stands out .. a bit like me with my red hair I guess!
(Thank you Lea!)


  1. Fits right in . . . and the pink makes it very eye catching to a girly girl like me :-)!

  2. Fantastic! If it worked for Gu it can work for you!

  3. I think this cookbook is instantly eye catching and exudes quality. I for one, will be buying it as soon as it is published. Get it on your shelves !

  4. john.lederer@braserieblanc.com7 December 2010 at 17:33

    Nice colour (even for boys, men really) Nice to see real food and no egos on a cookery book

  5. Haha get you organising the bookshelves in Waitrose! I'd buy it if I saw it in there :)


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