Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Oysters for Lunch

The question of where I get my inspiration from is probably the thing I get asked the most. Well just this morning I was shopping for some ingredients and there were the most glorious oysters on the fish counter. Never one to miss an opportunity for delicious food the fishmonger opened them for me as I stood and imagined how they would taste. A little lemon to go with them I thought. I love their saltiness, the soft flesh slipping effortlessly down my throat, finished with a sip of champagne. It's no accident they go so well together, but I find somethings can be improved on. so I scattered them with finely cut shallots and chives, and added just a drop of my lemon syrup to each oyster. Perfect for the Lemon chapter! Now I've finished photographing them I am going to eat them for lunch. Their saltiness exaggerated by the citrus and sugar in the syrup. It just a shame I can't have some champagne... but I've the school run to do in a minute!

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