Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Prepped! is up on Amazon .. although I am still writing it!

Yesterday I was tweeted by a Lucy who owns a farm opening up as a B& B soon.  She had taken the time to read my blog and you can't imagine my surprise as tweeted me to say she'd added my book to her Amazon wish list! Surly she'd got it wrong.. I'm still developing the final recipes this week! I searched on Amazon to discover to my simultaneous delight and fright that yes my book Prepped! is indeed there to pre order! I called Alastair from upstairs who was putting the children to bed. All three children and Al came and stared at the screen. There is is.  It took a good few minutes to explain to my 8 year old that she couldn't buy it right now and she really did have to go back to bed! I spoke to my publisher today who said that my BLAD is ready and they have announced the book to the trade.  Blimey  -  I'd better finish it !!

So today I spent the afternoon developing  the duck recipes.  The first is a Roast Duck Breast with chinese five spice and Plum Brandy served with Noodles.  Whilst roasting the duck for the noodles I prepped for the Chinese Duck tarts in filo pastry.  They were seriously delicious.  What has made my life so much easier is using the cool lights my husband bought me for my birthday present  . and yes I know he also took me to Le Manoir .. but I am a princess after all !

There was one other really amazing things that happened today.  I was called by a lady called Rebecca who works for Raymond Blanc.  She had done a search for Sophie Grigson and found the photo I took of her in August and wondered if she could use it for Raymond's Blog post.  I have to say that, like me, Sophie is never very keen on her photo being taken .. but his one is a stunning picture of her. I was of course delighted to agree and I was ticked pink to find Raymond had added my post about my meal at Le Manoir to his blog.  

It's been a good day, despite the snow I've now got just 9 recipes to go until the book is complete. ( there is is still editing and testing to be done .. but in essence it is just a week away from the first stage being finished!) 

To Pre order your copy Click here  whilst I REALLY must finish writing the rest of the recipes up now!

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