Thursday, 18 November 2010

Pop Up restaurant of the over 75's

Once a month a restaurant pop’s up in the village of Pitsford.  We turn the village hall into a restaurant and It’s all  put together by the ladies of Pitsford village as a social gathering for the over 75’s.  Anyone with out transport we taxi  - pick them up and take home.   We all share the cooking taking it in turns to cook either the main course or the pudding.  For the past 3 years my friend and neighbor Lee has organized it and it is the highlight of many of our local residents social calendar.  I’ve been involved and I have to admit I love cooking for it.

Today I wasn’t Happy with the Crème Brule it didn’t set as it should have done. But I was rushing to get it there on time.  Really I should have made it yesterday but things are a little crazy at the moment with just over 3 weeks to get the manuscript in to the publishers.

So as I apologized to one of the ladies  dining about the consistency she smiled and said

You know what my love. You do need to make this again to get it right.  It’s all about practice.  So we’ll see you here the same time next week and we’ll tell you if you’ve improved any. .. well I have a month until the next one.. so we shall see!



  1. Nothing like telling it how it is! I'm sure the creme brulee was very tasty :-)

    How much exactly have you got on your plate?! Three weeks to go - it must be a very exciting time.

  2. Vanessa thanks for stopping by my blog.

    I LOVE this!! What a fab idea for a blog. I absolutely love cookbooks, so am with you all the way. Have signed up as a Follower and look forward to reading more.


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