Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Just 19 more recipes to develop!

As we brace ourselves for the cold snap I have spent the day developing mince pies, eccles cakes and brandy butter. Any idea's of calorie restriction today have gone straight out of the window. The house smells of christmas and my youngest daughter has been my kitchen assistant for the day. I have just 19 more recipes to develop and my publisher will be coming on the 13th of December to pick the photo's and take the final book back to Oxford with them. - they have given me January to keep testing whilst the book is being edited.. so that is a relief - in the mean time I must write up the eccles cakes recipe before the school run!


  1. They look gorgeous. If you need me to test them you know where I am ;)

  2. Cute Girl, All the best for your Book, Let us know once your book gets published.

  3. I second Helen - more than willing to test or help in any way I can x


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