Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Yes Chef by James Winter and James Bulmer

As I write my own book I can’t help noticing the other books on the market. What is increasing obvious is that to stand out, a book has to have something extra. It is not enough just to be delicious these days. The recipe book consumer wants more. James Winter and James Bulmer have written Yes Chef. It is about 20 great British Chefs and has 100 recipes from them. It is fair to consider some of these top chefs as artists and whist this wonderful book certainly does give you a full display of food art, it was the superb introductions to each chef that caught my eye. This is certainly different enough to make me to want to introduce you to it.

Yes Chef gives a selection of recipes. Yes - they are all delicious. But what makes it work is a sense of personality behind each chef. The introductions give a sense of history, personality and influence in a way that makes you not only want to try the recipes .. but also reading about them made me want to head straight to the phone to book a table in the chef’s restaurant.

For instance Chef Matt Tebbutt learnt to Fly with the Air Squadron at Oxford Brooks University. The idea of a chef that can fly strangely made me want to try out his spiced poached pear with Gorgonzola honey so much more. Or Jason Atherton, who left home with out telling his mum what he was up to, as he headed to London to end up as one of tour leading chefs. Now doesn’t that bit of stubborn determined personality doesn’t make you want to try his Roast Rack of Lamb with Shepherds pie?

In this way the book is unique. There are plenty of delicious recipe books on the market but this book. Yes Chef, has a far tastier extra. This book has captured the flavor of the chef as a person, which makes it for me, a must read.

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