Thursday, 11 November 2010

How a books gets Marketed.

My eyes are being opened to the reality of how a book gets from inside your head to on the shelf, and more importantly onto your bookshelf. There is no big advertising drive, to prime time TV, full display, or indeed any above the line advertising.  (above the line is paid for space. ) This is entirely below the line.

As far as I can work out a good book sells -  a bad book doesn’t -  and it’s all down to one person to make the dots connect  - your PR manager – they are the ones who get your book talked about by the people that matter.   (No pressure Katie !)

Big publishers have Press teams.  They are people dedicated to getting your book talked about in newspapers, on websites, on the radio and on TV. Of course it helps if you are as a writer happy to push your idea and you are happy to be interviewed, photographed and heavens above even criticised.  It’s putting yourself out here.  It’s nerve wracking I can tell you .. but the thought that no one will be interested creeps into my brain on the very odd occasion and fills me with dread, so I am more than happy to chat to anyone who is remotely interested.

So today I spent with Katie Read from Orange Square.  She's amazing.   You can hear all about how it works in the Audioboo below.


  1. I totally applaud you for diving right in and devoting your time to writing this book! I would absolutely LOVE to write a cook book, but have no idea where to start. I love that you're having other people test your recipes as well. Can't wait to help!

  2. Go you! I am hoping to get some work as a free lance food writer, which is tough enough, so the fact you are going for it with a book really is amazing! I would love to test your recipes, so please forward anything onto me you think I could help with!


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