Sunday, 21 November 2010

I'm so Lucky to have such wonderful friends!

Yesterday’s photo shoot was not in my kitchen. Aside from a houseful of children and the usual chaos of a family on a Saturday I wanted a photo of me taking cookies out of the oven. Well my oven is a low oven and despite taking several photo’s of me bending over to take cookies out of the oven I just seemed to be twice a big bent over and not at all lovely. Luckily my friend Emma does have an oven set into right height as well as a beautiful cavernous kitchen set in a fabulous Gothic Victoria house. It’s a stunner of a kitchen, she when she offered to lend me her kitchen I jumped at the chance!

It’s hard being photographed, but my photographer Tony does such a great job, and typically like most photographers he is happiest when behind the camera .. so I was lucky to get a couple of snaps of him to share!

As I finished the photo shoot I headed home and then out again to eat with friends. Tara is a raven hair gorgeous Irish girl, who, like me she has three children. She and her fabulous husband David decided to cook Alastair and I a meal by testing two of my recipes. It was such a treat, and despite being nervous about how the food was going to turn out I had looked forward to the meal all day. - and I needn’t have been nervous, because the meal was absolutely delicious, although it was rather surreal eating food that tasted exactly like mine .. but cooked by someone else.

I am so lucky to have such lovely friends.


  1. Amazing looking kitchen! You look so happy in the last photo. How exciting!?

  2. beautiful blog layout. lovely photos. exciting times - best of luck. popped in from blog hop

  3. Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. Glad I have found your blog as I love cooking but don't often have a lot of time so looking forward to reading it x


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