Wednesday, 10 November 2010

A foodies Best friend

Down the village. I'm going down the village. For as long as I can remember this is what we say when we are going to Brixworth. Funny thing though .. we have to go up hill to get there. Throughout writing this book, and indeed through out my whole cooking life there has been a constant. Whilst boyfriends have come and gone and I grew up from charging about the village on my bike, to being here right now my local green grocers Troop and Son have been there. To be honest I couldn't live without them. Both Stephen and Ken and the staff that work there are always on hand with the freshest, most local seasonal produce.
Through out writing this book they have gone above and beyond to get me the most beautiful fruits and vegetables to use and so today I took a few snap shots and thought I'd share my thoughts.
Whatever you are cooking you can't beat having a local green grocer. Along with the local butcher they are a foodies very best friend.

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