Monday, 15 November 2010

All my eggs in one basket

The past week has been dotted with conversations,   How is the book going and how many do you think you will sell?  

The truth is the book will finish in much the same way as I do the school run. I will arrive just before the bell goes tyres not quite screeching .. but all the same I will feel relived to have got there in the nick of time. 

How many will the book sell?  

Well that is down to a few factors and one of which is dependent on getting on television. it would seem from talking to various people in the know as it were  -  that if I do get on TV with the book and the concept that will make it. Big. I'd be happy with medium just to ensure the book would be a seller …  and if I don't it's possible the book royalties alone will not be enough to pay the bills.  That really terrifies me. The idea of this amazing concept going unnoticed. 

How exactly do you get on TV ?

Aside from being on the local Northamptonshire TV for an instant - I have to get noticed .. but where to start ? - Well I signed up for  - I will let you know if I get any results from this paid for service. It certainly promises to get the attention of producers with a unique concept.    I also discovered that there are two main talent agents for cookery writers, so I've called both and sent in details about the book and myself, and now I shall have to do what I do worst.. sit and wait  .. well actually sit and write up more recipes whilst waiting!

So I’ve put all my eggs in one basket.  This is the risk .. and I am back to the photo that got me started.  I have just one year to write not just a cookery book.. but not just write a book .. I must write a successful cookery book.  

Tick tock the 10th of May looms .. !

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  1. I have every faith in you, your recipes are great! Looking forward to testing some soon!


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