Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Pinching the props

I had no idea when I started out how hard it was going to be to write a recipe book. Indeed I had no appreciation of what goes into developing a recipe. I thought that it would be a simple thing. Cook it, write it down take a photo and hey presto a recipe. yes I know .. that is the process, but throw into that the other things. The exact measuring, the ingredients .. i.e. buying them all and not forgetting a small thing and having to cart off to the shops .. again. The weather. I need daylight to shoot and when it rains .. well there's no point in cooking. Then there the things you know how they should taste and you just can't quite seem to get the taste you want. I've made some recipe 6 times. and finally there the children. My three darling prop eaters. It can drive you mad I say ... I just can't tell you haw many times I've turned my back to find either the children or the cat eating the props !

Just 5 weeks and 5 days until i hand in the manuscript and the pressure is on.

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