Monday, 6 June 2011

Club Prepped the first ever and the theme is ...


There are some fabulous cooks out there!

Blogging is a community and I feel very much part of it and I've been supported by some fabulous people. So how about a monthly round up of who’s cooked what from Prepped? - Well actually I took my inspiration from Helen at Fuss Free Flavour's Breakfast club who suggested it and I think it's a great idea!

I'd love for you to take part whether you have a blog or not.. I’ll add all the links and publish a round up on the last day of the month

To take part, simply cooked a linked recipe from the recipe bool Prepped along the line of that month’s flavours ELDERFLOWER and RHUBARB and post it.

  • Mention Prepped in your post and use this logo I'm Prepped
  • Link to this page
  • You can use previous posts, but please do add the information above and republish
  • If you tweet please tweet using #prepped
  • If you do not have a blog send a photo and details to me
  • Entries may also be submitted to other events, but please respect their rules
  • New recipe invented from the Key Recipes are allowed as entries

.... and as an added extra the best post will win a Yes you x Tea towel from Cooking Gorgeous


  1. Sounds like fun Vanessa, count me in!

  2. Yep count me in. Making the lavendar shortbread today & the extra dough then making the rhubarb later in the week.

  3. Yep great idea. Made the lemon syrup yesterday. Making the lavender shortbread today & the extra dough for the rhubarb later in the week.

  4. genius idea!... does my Rhubarb Kimbell count for this month?...

  5. It is a genius idea Dom! All mine!

    I shall be submitting the very exciting guest post that I have appearing tomorrow!

  6. Made the Elderflower & rose syrup - made some to freeze as well. We have a Christmas do on 25 June when we shall be having the elderflower syrup in with the champers. Delicious as a drink, also the recipe with the trout, chilli, herbs & elderflower syrup was very good. Will do again but will try with salmon next time.

  7. Well we had the rhubarb pie today & it was really delicious. Also made one with blackcurrants & have put that in the freezer Next on the list will be the broad bean with elderflower on Sunday - hopefully having a family BBQ!So the elderflower & rose will be out along with the lemonade for the kids & shall try the flavours with a little alcolhol!!

  8. This is a fab idea, please see my post :
    I made the Rhubarb Jam and Syrup. love them both:-)


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