Tuesday, 14 June 2011

If there was ever a reason to make cupcakes ..


 If there was ever a reason to make cupcakes ..   He's on page 12 of Prepped and was drinking the Elderflower & Rose Syrup. 

 I just could't resist him .. and can you blame me ?  So I tried out almost all my cupcakes on him from Prepped for a whole month whist he was thatching the cottage opposite. 

He loved the Vanilla and Rhubarb Cupcakes with Elderflower & Rose buttercream ( I made at least 6 test batches - the  recipe is on page 33)

.. and so to answer the questions that keep being asked in order:

No he is not my husband. 

Yes he's an old friend of my brother. 

Yes he really loved the cupcakes.

No whilst he was working on the thatched cottage for a month I got virtually no work done anywhere i the house other than in full view if the cottage he was thatching.

Yes he really was that fit! 

Yes I am happily married

...and no..  I am not answering that last question !!!

Sigh  ..  

I'm off to make more of these then ... 



  1. Don't usually go for blondes but there is something about a man covered in straw wearing leather kneepads! Oh the cupcakes are gorgeous too!

  2. wow delicious.... (the cupcakes I mean of course .... *cough*) xx

  3. Well page 12 was one of my favourite pages...

    I might have bookmarked it... *cough*

  4. I was wondering who he was... you lucky lady to have such a view on a daily basis!... sigh.....

  5. Mmmmmmmm delicious ....... the first picture of course ..... Just going to make the lemon & lavender cake this afternoon. Request from my work colleagues. Will send pic later through facebook...... First pic is still delicious ..... suppose I had better get on & make the cake rather than look at the FIRST PIC........

  6. Delicious! - I'm with 'working london Mummy' all the way! and thanks for the follow on Feasts and Festivals V.

  7. Oh err, you confused me this morning. He is on the other side of the page. What are you trying to do to us Vanessa. I was looking on the right hand side of the page for him & he popped up on the right!!!!!!


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