Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Prepped Launch


It’s taken me a surprisingly long time to write about the Prepped Launch. I think partially because I was so overwhelmed by it all I wasn’t sure where to start and then I seemed to have what I describe as a crash afterwards. I could hardly will myself out of bed on the Monday or Tuesday, and if I hadn’t got three children I’, not sure I would have made it out of the duvets for a week. When I mentioned how I felt to another author she said it was a common reaction and I have to admit it’s not the first time .. but oh what a launch ! .. but it was the most thrilling three days.

I’m not going to write reams and reams. I think the photo’s tell a story but for some unknown reason I have not been able to load them all up here ( very frustrating I must say ) .. so I have picked a few out to give you a taste and you will have to look a the others 80 photo's of Northampton here and 52 pictures of the Rococo launch here. It was amazing to meet everyone, .. it was emotional .. to say the least and putting faces to names was so lovely !!

The first Launch was local to me at Aunty Ruth’s in Northampton, the next day we launched in London at Rococo on Motcombe Street and then the following day we launched in Waitrose .. .. a three dayer !

There were some fabulous Blog posts about the day (and I shall add them in here later today) :-

In the mean time.. there are so many people to thank. My Publishers how to Books, my parents, friends, Preparratti and PR Katie as well as my Editor Jamie, Book designer Ian and my husband Alastair. Special thanks to Lea, Helen and Ruth, Jayne and Claire and Ren ... Thank you... .. it hardly feels enough to write or say .. but we did it.. we are Prepped .. !

PS In case you are wondering about the photo below ..this is is Helen from FussfreeFlavour - it was the only way I could get all the cakes to London on a train but you know that wonderful British sense of affection that we have .. and how much did I laugh at then end of the day as she made fun of my trolly? !!

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