Sunday, 5 June 2011

Ms Marmitelover

Love it or hate it .. Marmite. Well I love marmite and certainly love what Kerstin Rodgers

has been doing withher underground restaurant headingup the home retuarant revolution and writing Supperclub to share her knowledge of how she does it.

I took the opportunity after Kirsten came on the radio show today along with surprise guest Jules from the secret supper society to go shopping and got to spend a grilie hour browsing for vintage treasures. can find out allot about a personin a short space of time whilst shopping. So I’ll share in my observations. She’s a savvy, with an eye for a bargain and knows what she likes and doesn’t. She knows the value of a pound, having supported herself as a single mum her success has not been handed to her on a plate, this lady has earned her place as the head of the super club movement. Whilst she’s shopping she’s thinking about others, and took a photo she knew would interest another foodie to share in a tweet- a micromoment that captures her way of thinking. She says it how it is. Trying on a vintage blouse I loved I was ignoring the fact it was a tad too tight she told me. It pulls and you’ll never wear it she said. It is what a good friend would tell you.. not necessary what you want to hear .. but the truth. She’s a breath of fresh air.

Kerstin doesn’t claim to have started the supper club movement, but what she has done is headed it up a revolution with her book Supper Club. She shares her knowledge, recipes and tips lists supper clubs in the back of her book promoting everyone along the way. She also has a site here where everyone can go to find out more.

Inspirational women are few and far between - for me Kerstin is a rare find because she inspires. Her Punk DIY attitude rocks and whether you want to eat in a supper club, run a super club or simply look at a beautiful book to use for dinner party idea’s I can tell you now that her recipes are delicious, straightforward and work. I know this because I am cooking from her lovely book and eating the pitta bread from page 99 as I type.

What you can’t catch on a blog post is how cheeky and saucy Kirsten is. She’s great fun and has a you can do anything attitude to life. But make no mistake though, however much fun she is she doesn’t suffer fools gladly. She has a strong sense of right and wrong and considers the overall impact of what she does rather than just the me myself and I approach that one sometimes encounters in people with their own ideas. I really love her unique attitude and have to say that she’s the real treasure I found today.

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