Friday, 17 June 2011

Lamb Kebab and My Activist Blog Post


I haven't got around to writing about the Prepped Launch last week. I think it may be down to the fact I can't quite believe that it is finally launched and that I have almost crashed in exhaustion. It's not that I am ill .. I am just so very very tired. It's like a hangover but with out the fun from the night before. I will write about it next week. .. in the meantime I decided to have a few days off. Perhaps it is the fact that I have no deadlines or stress that my junkie adrenaline glands need to keep me going. Whatever them reason it's like I am walking through treacle to get through my day.

Time out .. so I took the children out and had a picnic yesterday afternoon.

I love picnics. but the spot where these photos' were taken is under threat .. and it makes me really mad .. so watch this video .. and this space to see if the large corporate gets to bulldoze through and build a housing estate on this idilic spot. .. you may yet see me on TV not necessary cooking but probably chained to a JCB!

More information can be found here

.. Deep breath .. and I shall get down off my orange box .. ahhh .. breath.

Therapy should always include a picnic and there is something eternally romantic about setting off to eat outside in the sunshine, but what I really love doing is picking he children up from school on a summers evening and heading off to have a picnic tea. I make these kebabs in the morning and take a pack of salad, pitta bread and a picnic basket with me in a basket. Stir some mint into Greek yogurt and accompany with mango chutney and you have a delicious kebab infused with spices to eat as a barbeque picnic and the really clever bit is the kebab stick itself.. a Lemongrass .. adding in lemony citrus notes whilst it’s cooking.

1tsp fennel

1 tps fenugreek

1 tsp Turmeric

1 tsp cumin

1tsp ground chili

1tsp mustard Seeds

1tsp sea salt

4 lemongrass sticks

1 lemon

4 tbs sunflower oil

2 inch’s grated ginger

600 g of lamb leg in 1 1/2 inch chunks

1 Add each spice one at a time and grind using a pestle and mortar. Grind the spices until reasonably fine.

2 Using a sharp knife cut a hole in the centre of each chunk of Lamb and skewer onto the lemongrass. (Do be careful not to skewer yourself!)

3 Brush the oil onto the meat and put them into a large clear plastic bag. Add the ground spices and shake the kebabs about to cover them. Add the Lemon Juice and grated ginger and leave in the fridge ideally for 24 hours .. but I have on occasion left them for just 2 hours and they’ve still be delicious.

They are now ready for the barbeque. Once cooked scatter with fresh coriander and fresh chilies.


This combination of spices works just as well with chicken or pork.

Dsc_0308_2 Dsc_0266_2


  1. That top photo is amazing. And the kebabs look great too!

  2. Hi, I checked out your blog and really like it, looks like we have similar interests. I am following you, if you feel liket, visit my blog and tell me what you think!

  3. Have a good rest Vanessa...if anyone deserves it, it's you! xo

  4. Lovely! I made some lamb burgers with similar spices. Yum and clever on lemongrass x

  5. Just got the lamb kebabs prepped & in the fridge ready for tomorrow. Will let you know what they are like. The spices smell divine.

  6. so pretty! (that's you on the bike, not the lamb kebabs... which look lovely but not as lovely as you x)... nice work x

  7. Lamb Kebabs delicious. Made the caraway crackers whilst listening to you on the radio. Is it a curry book next then....... Pics are on facebook. xx

  8. Hi Di Yes i love curry. lived in Leicester at the back of a curry house for 3 years and spent more time in the kitchens making and eating curry than I did in lectures !

    I think for about 3 years I ate curry for breakfast most mornings !


  9. Ha ha, I think I'm distracted by the bike too but I love anything curried. Tragic to think of those fields being bulldozed, hope you are successful campaigning against it.


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