Wednesday, 2 February 2011

BBC Radio show & Encouragement from Nigel Slater

It's official. I can share the news!

From Sunday 6th February ( Thanks for correction Lucy !) 10am I shall be heading up the 2nd half of the Kitchen Garden Show on BBC Radio Northampton!

I am so excited and I could waffle on for some time about all the plans, but I am not going to. I'm totally up to my eyeballs in the last 3 days of editing Prepped and to be honest I haven't got time to be bragging about how fabulous it is going to be! .. Well okay .. perhaps a little bit of bragging then .....

As a regular guest on the John Griff Show I was utterly delighted to be asked to join the team by Mark Whall, my Programme Editor. He's been fantastically supportive giving me the opportunity to make the program around my food life and writing commitments. There is so much to learn, and I know it's not strictly writing a recipe book, and I certainly didn't set out on this adventure to be on the radio - but the opportunity is here and oh boy it's such an opportunity!

I want so much to do a good job .. and I am thrilled to bits. I'd like to be interesting and professional and showcase the best food and people around. Food is such a wonderful subject, bringing the opportunity to discover so much about the people. I feel very privileged. .. and yet I feel nervous. I told Nigel Slater, who has been such an encouragement for Prepped, and these are the kind words he wrote.

There is something gentle about radio, very different to television, and I think you will enjoy it. You might expect the first time to be a bit traumatic, but once your microphone is switched on you may suddenly find you become strangely calm and actually rather enjoy it. People are listening to you because they want to, and will be on your side. Just think of them as friends. I bet you come out of there having had a good time. Trust me.

Very much looking forward to your book. There are so many fresh voices around at the moment - Stevie Parle, James Ramsden, Alice Hart etc – and there is a wonderful energy right now. Your book couldn’t come at a better time."

Am I still nervous? Well yes. But I am I excited. Really excited!

I hope you will listen in!">Listen!


  1. OMG!!!! That is fantastic news!! How cool. I used to daydream about being on the radio, I don't know what happened but somewhere along the way I totally forgot about it.

    I have a great feeling about this. You'll love it, you'll discover another niche! How very cool. c

  2. Thats such great news - big congratulations! Looking forward to tuning in :-)

  3. I love how people can make their dream a reality. You've done so very, very well!

    Doors will be opening for you Vanessa - have fun, always :)

  4. Exciting! I will tune in for a listen online!


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