Saturday, 26 February 2011

Simple Blue Cheese & Broccoli Quiche

Blue Cheese and Stilton Quiche
Whist I was on the look out for a local cheese a couple of weeks ago I spotted this fabulous English Blue Cheese in St Giles Cheese Shop. It turned out to be from Stichelton Dairy in Nottinghamshire. I then read the following week that Northampton University is researching into the interaction of the micro flora that makes the blue veins. You can read more about this here and I shall be talking about this on Sunday morning on the Kitchen Garden Show.
I also discovered that there are over 700 British cheeses and 70 Blue cheeses in the UK from Nigel White from the British Cheese Board.
Of course any Blue cheese will work well with this recipe, but Stilton would be a perfect cheese to get the same results. It’s rich strong flavour and salty sweet texture is perfect served alongside a cold beer, or a crisp white wine. with most of my recipes this quiche is so quick and easy to make. It’s the sort of thing I make for lunch especially as you can be prepped with it beforehand. If you have the case ready with the broccoli and cheese in the fridge just pour the eggs and milk over the top in pop in the oven it comes out a treat – and you get to look like a culinary Queen ( .. or King !)

Both recipes Serve 8
Prep time 20minutes
Cooking time Quiche 1 hour
Suitable for freezing -yes
375g pack of ready roll short crust pastry
170g tender stem Broccoli
4 eggs, beaten
400ml of semi-skimmed milk
175g of blue cheese cut in to 1 inch pieces
1 Preheat the oven to 180°C/gas mark 4.
2 Roll out the pastry and line a 27cm quiche dish. Blind bake the pasty for 15 minutes using baking parchment and Baking beans to weigh the paper down. Once baked remove the paper and cut the Broccoli to fit and arrange as you find attractive. Scatter over the Blue cheese
3 In a separate bowl, beat the eggs and milk together and pour into the dish. Bake for an hour until it has risen and golden. Leave to cool for about 15 minute before serving.

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