Monday, 28 February 2011

Utterly utterly frustrating

Does anyone else have days like this. Utterly utterly frustrating?

I'm making a bread and butter pudding. Tearing up chunks of stale bread with my bare hands - more for something to do rather than the pudding itself. The poor bread has done nothing to deserve this treatment.. it is getting rather the brunt of my ill humour. Here’s the picture:

My publishers are tweaking the final design of Prepped. I am not allowed to see it until they are happy with it. My publisher explained that – to coin a phase .. too many cooks spoil the broth. I have some idea of how it looks as I’ve seen the Rhubarb and Elderflower chapter, but all my work is in their hands - until then I have to wait. - Something I am not very good at!

In the mean time I have a PR lady called Katie. Now there is no big advertising budget for Prepped. The big publishers have big departments and large budgets. There is a good promotional budget and there is plenty being spent on other things. Being with a smaller publisher can have great advantages, they are more intimate and far nicer to deal with .. so the PR is just so important. It's word of mouth that get is the book in front of people and PR is the best way to get people talking. When dealing with large National magazines they have lead times so as you buy your Christmas food magazine from the shelf, they are polishing the final edits of the Easter copy. We are waiting to find out which magazines might run a feature and it's just so hard to wait. For most of my life as far as I have been concerned patience is a form of quite despair that is trussed up and offered up as a virtue. Give me results any day. Sod patience. Patience is for wusses.

So I am taking this frustration out on a loaf of bread. It will be more like bread and batter pudding by the time I've finished it. Good job I’ve got a patient PR manager... and don’t anyone else say to be patient .. or will be uncharacteristically rude.


  1. I've never written a book, and probably never will. But if I did, and being the controlling person that I am, I would want to nurture and control it in every way. Just like you would a child or a baby. I'd be chomping at the bit, if people didn't get back to me.

    The people who shout the loudest,like children and babies,get the most attention. So if you think someone is shouting, shout louder and if it's only being sold by word of mouth, then tell everyone.

  2. Oh Vanessa...I FEEL your frustration leaping from my screen! And I so feel for you too. I have many published friends and I'm almost finished writing my own cookbook so I really understand the way you feel. Nothing I can say except...hang WILL happen & soon you're name will be on everyone's lips I just know it! Keep bashing that bread, yum! Maybe you could have schnitzel for supper & flatten some fillets! can't wait for Prepped either! xo Rachel

  3. Oh my Goodness .. you've got my tummy all wrapped up in a ball of frustration on your behalf !!! the book will be amazing and as I have said many times before .. you will be a star , my friend !!! I can't wait for June ..... Until then ... keep on pummelling your way through ! Feel the support of the preppatati and know how much we are all willing you on ... strength in numbers ! I believe in YOU !


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