Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Last minute photographs

As usual I am writing my blog post on the hoof. It’s suppertime and the pasta is on the boil so I’ve got about 12 minutes to type this up!

It’s half term and whilst Prepped the final edit has gone from my editor to the Book designer. From here on in it’s mostly out of my hands. It’s hard to let go! In the mean time I have the chance to retake some of the photo’s, so despite it being half term and having my three children demanding I referee their squabbles every 10 minutes I’ve been back in the kitchen and baking now very familiar recipes again!

In the mean time I am planning for the radio show in Sunday, and my regional recipe Colum in the local paper. I love that they tie together. I spoke to Jo Pratt about food and the shocking state of children’s breakfasts, and about a new bread that has been brought out on the market to encourage children to eat healthily with out realizing it!

I was also excited to find out that there is a new cookery school in Northamptonshire opening up in East Haddon with Adam Grey behind it. I read there will be bread making courses amongst others and Wendy will be telling me more about this on air. The Recipe of the week will be a bread pudding, so I think I can say that show this week can be called Bread and Breakfast !

Now with out saying too much .. I have one of the very top bakers in the UK to interview on Thursday. I can’t say who yet as I am always afraid that I’ll jinx my interview.. so you’ll have to wait to find out who it is .. but he’s a food hero, famous for his sourdough, and an author, and a journalist and an altogether superb ambassador for eating great baked foods – my 12 minutes are up … watch this space !

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