Sunday, 13 February 2011

Ketchup with that chip on your Shoulder ?

When I set out to write a recipe book I had no idea where this adventure would take me. Yesterday it took me to the Conway Hall in London to the Mixed Grill as I’d signed up to the Fire and Knives magazine earlier this year. A gathering of the leading foodies. lectures, rants, performances, talks, presentations and discussion with guest such as the legendry Mathew Fort, the daring Stephen Gates and with lunch provided by Kirstin Rodgers ( thank you Catharine & Lynn!) AKA @msmarmitelover. It was the brainchild of Tim Hayward who writes for the Guardian, and there were just lots of the people I’ve been interacting with on Twitter that were going.

Now I’m never one to be 100% confident when walking into a gathering where I don’t know anyone, so’ I’d contacted a few Twitters to see if they were attending. I asked a very well known foodie if they were going and they said they would never attend the event as it would be fantastically morose and suggested that it was very cliquey. Well… If was nervous before then this really made me feel like a child on the first day at school!

I arrived slightly awkward and a feeling little desperate for someone to be friendly. Fortunately I was greeted with a big smile and a friendly hello from James Ramsden, then I met Sue aka @londonfoodfinds who I’ve tweeted with often and luckily I spotted Catherine Phipps from the Guardian’s word of mouth, All of a sudden these keyboard screen interactions became people. Real people, smiling, interesting, fun, foodie, laughing friendly people. I had a marvelous conversation about a new chocolate on the Market with Sudi Pigot who sent me home with an Original Beans bar of chocolate to eat on the long journey home. (Incidentally I didn’t manage to eat it so I’m going to give it away here later in the week.)

I needn’t have worried as day was really brilliant. The mood was upbeat. There was champagne, but it was served as an Ether cocktail, There was nothing ghastly about anyone. No one could accuse it of being morose and as for there being a socialist dictator there - I have to admit there were one of two bearded men I spotted (I rather like beads!) however, socialist, liberal, right wing, conservative, centre right, far left - foodies united .. as always food brings people together. Laugher, sharing of knowledge and eating Kirsten’s delicious lunch along with such great speakers made this a superb day. A wonderful gathering of the most fascinating foodies I’ve ever seen and I’d like to say what a great thing to do - Tim .. YOU ROCK thank you for organizing it!

So to the person that sent me the mother of all twitter put downs - I say you have a case of sour grapes - I think you missed out on a great day and would you like some artisan ketchup with you organic chip?


  1. Sounds brilliant!! and individual responsible for DM message to you sounds like a Horror best forgotten!!

  2. What a great event that sounded like. I'm looking forward to lunch at one of Kerstin's events this coming Saturday.

  3. Sounds like The Guardian Word of Mouth might have turned your Twitterer away on occasion?! Glad you had a fun time!!

  4. I think the insult was rather poetic myself!


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