Friday, 11 February 2011

Interview with The Head Chef of Gu Fred Ponnavoy

Can you believe it .. I have a job that pays me to eat chocolate and drink Champagne ! With a Valentines day on Monday the show focuses on the food of love! I interviewed the delicious Fred Ponnavoy who you can see in the video below. He's the head chef Gü Chocolate Puds and then spoke to Steve from my local deli on St Giles Street about his sublime hand made Belgium chocolates. Then hotfooted back to Fleurfields Vineyard to talk to my Dad about Northamptonshire’s finest award winning pink champagne!

In the meantime I've been making fresh truffles from Prepped for this weeks's Chronicle and Echo Recipes and we'll be eating those on Sunday morning along with some very special coffee from Blenders!

It’s a tough job .. but somebody’s got to do it !

What really amazed me were some facts from a survey carried out by Gü

· Over half of women are expecting to be disappointed by the meal their boyfriend or husband cooks this Valentine’s Day

· A third of men who’ve attempted to cook something romantic in the past admit it’s gone wrong!

· 15% of 18-24 year old men say they’ve persuaded their loved one that a pre-packaged meal is their own handy work!!!

Psychologists believe when a chap cooks for a woman, he’s turning the tables on what is normally expected in our society – it says he cares enough about his partner to put in the effort, imagination, time and thought into something she would enjoy eating. In effect cooking is the ultimate nurturing act . Sharing food is the earliest social example of men and women interacting with each other in a non-sexual, but intimate way and so I talked to Fred about what men should make for the love of their life.

You can listen in an BBC Radio Norhtampton at 10am on Sunday 104.2fm however … Gü have arranged as a result of what they say “could be potential mayhem across the country as men show their romantic side,” a hotline

It’ll be manned by Gü Head Chef Fred Ponnavoy, who’ll be putting his decades ofexperience in a kitchen to good use with cooking advice – so if you are in a fix then you can call him and speak to him yourself!

For the hotline, simply call 0800 0113 217 or e-mail between 9am-6pm on Monday February 14th

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  1. I am SO very jealous! And I hope that you weren't in that bracket of women who were disappointed in their Valentine meal!


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